"The highlight of this year was a residency at an arts centre in Bergen, Norway; The Sardine Factory. I spent 6 weeks there in mid-summer. At the time I had not worked in clay for 4 years. I did so because of the logistics of bringing all my carving tools over to Norway – it was simpler & cheaper to work in clay, & I was excited about revisiting a familiar material. The five pieces I made were built using the coil pot technique, using craft crank clay. This is a coarse, strong clay commonly used for sculpture. Through working the surface, it takes on fabulous texture & when fired to stoneware temperature (~ 1100o c) it is robust enough to survive outside.

In the autumn I was commissioned to make a sculpture for/during Howarth Arts Festival. I made a functional piece in green oak in Howarth Park. The weather was appalling; torrential showers & gales, with me using a chainsaw & power tools under a flimsy gazebo that tried to take off occasionally. Great entertainment for the public, I am sure."